declutter your home by organizing the closets

Declutter Your Home Using These Tips

We often don’t notice clutter accumulating until we realize it’s tough to find the things we need. When you have too much stuff to organize, it’s time to declutter your home. Follow these tips to get a tidy, clutter-free home with just a bit of effort.

Declutter Your Home Starting with Closets

Your closet is often the first place to become cluttered. Closets provide convenient storage space when they’re not overflowing and disorganized. To declutter your home, begin with the closets. Choose one to start with and remove everything from the closet before cleaning the empty space.

Wipe down walls, vacuum the floor, and dust shelves. Use baskets or boxes to sort your belongings. Go through the items from the closet and get rid of anything that no longer fits, is damaged, or that you’ve not worn in the past year. Make a pile for trash, another for items to be donated, and the last pile for things you’d like to keep. Take out the trash and put the donation boxes in your car to be dropped off the next time you run errands.

When your closets are clean, you’ll have better organized, more usable storage space.

Organize Drawers

The drawers in your house are often some of the more cluttered areas. Take the time to declutter your drawers of expired coupons, jewelry that is broken, old makeup or medicine, old batteries, and empty shopping bags. Toss out anything that is trash and purchase some trays or baskets to organize what’s left.

Clean off Shelving

Bookshelves can become unsightly when covered with clutter. If you collect books, clear out the ones you won’t read again and only keep your favorites. If you don’t have an emotional attachment to books or collectibles, donate them. Use baskets to organize things like remote controls and phone chargers that might be stored on your shelves.

Sort Electronics to Declutter Your Home

The cords that connect to our computers and televisions create more of a problem than we might realize. Left in a pile, they become tangled and might be damaged. Cords on the floor could cause injury if someone trips on them. If there are any cords that you don’t need, get rid of them. Find a storage place to contain all cords so you know where to find the one you need.

Donate or recycle televisions, stereos, old computers, and other electronics you don’t use. These items take up a lot of valuable space in your home.

Move the Furniture

Rearrange the furniture. This can give you a new perspective on how to use things you already own and it may inspire you to get rid of a few pieces that you don’t love. Keep furniture that is attractive and comfortable for you and your family to enjoy.

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