Home sellers often underestimate the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection. Sometimes the upfront cost dissuades people from getting this important inspection completed. However, you shouldn’t list your property without inspecting it first. Here are the reasons why this inspection is needed. 

You’re Able to Make Needed Repairs Before Listing Your Home

You’ll gain knowledge of the condition of your home if you have a pre-listing inspection. This makes it easier to make the repairs that help sell your home faster. 

Even if you decide not to make certain repairs, at least you won’t be surprised by the issues. It also provides more leverage for negotiations when you don’t come into the process unprepared. This is one of the biggest benefits of a pre-listing inspection. 

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection: A Smoother Transaction

Fixing defects ahead of time or disclosing defects to sellers and letting the price reflect it helps your home sell faster. Your buyer isn’t going to be surprised by their inspection and is less likely to demand a lower price or walk away from the deal. 

Price Your Home Correctly

Pricing a home incorrectly is one of the biggest barriers to selling it quickly. Foregoing the pre-listing inspection means you and your realtor need to guess about the condition when pricing your house. 

However, one of the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection is that you can ask for a higher price after you have fixed major defects.  If you decide not to fix them, you can easily explain the repairs they’ll need to make. This gives you power during negotiations because you can let your buyers know that they’re getting a lower price to factor in defects.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection: Save Money

If you wait to have a home inspection initiated by a potential buyer, then the buyer will likely ask you to cover repair costs. Typically, buyers will overestimate how much repairs will cost and may request to use a certain contractor. This means you are going to lose more money than if you had repaired everything on your own terms before listing the home. You can perform repairs yourself and collect estimates from multiple contractors to save money.

Show Yourself as Trustworthy

Presenting your buyer with a pre-listing inspection report shows that you are trustworthy. Disclosing everything upfront makes buyers feel confident that they’re working with someone who isn’t trying to hide important details. 

Help Your Realtor

There are various benefits of a pre-listing inspection when it comes to helping your real estate agent perform well. 

  • If the inspection finds nothing wrong with your house, then your realtor can use that as a marketing tool.
  • The fact that you and your agent know everything there is to know about your home improves your overall working relationship. You’re able to work together more efficiently.
  • Your agent is put at a disadvantage if defects are found in the buyer’s inspection. The pre-listing inspection eliminates last-minute decisions.

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